Our Mission

This local resource, mysonomastrong.com, is made possible by a grant from the Healthcare Foundation Northern Sonoma County, as part of its work in leading and convening the Wildfire Mental Health Collaborative. The Wildfire Mental Health Collaborative is a local group of mental health professionals, partnering with representatives from the County of Sonoma, FEMA, nonprofits, health systems and community leaders who came together after the wildfires to develop an evidence-based approach to responding to trauma and building resiliency for our entire community. The strategies and information you access on this site represent proven, evidence-based strategies that can help fire survivors, as well as survivors of other trauma.

The mission of the Healthcare Foundation Northern Sonoma County is to bring together our community by engaging donors in the support of creating a healthier Sonoma County region. We partner with, lead and convene other funders and nonprofits to identify issues and create solutions. Our leadership includes raising and granting funds to implement and evaluate effective solutions. Since our inception in 2001, we've invested more than $24 million in caring for health for those who live and work in this beautiful region.

For more information about the Healthcare Foundation or the Wildfire Mental Health Collaborative, please visit www.healthcarefoundation.net.

Thank you to the generous donors who made this site possible.
Tipping Point
Community Emergency

UCCS, the producer of this site, strives to improve human well-being by creating evidence-based products and services that empower individuals, families, and communities. We believe strongly in the incredible adaptive strength of people.

We believe people should be empowered to guide their own behavioral health. In fact our name was inspired by a long-time patient of our founder, Dr. Chip Benight, who envisioned a “blue sun” as a soothing, healing image to help her on her road to trauma recovery and better overall well-being.

Our vision is to help people who experience trauma with a program that both motivates and empowers them to guide their own recovery.

If you use this service and find that you are not improving, please seek face-to-face help from a traumatic stress specialist. You can access help by calling or texting NAMI at (866) 960-6264.